"Track Etiquette: The Need for Stricter Adherence"

"Track Etiquette: The Need for Stricter Adherence"

In this blog, we will delve into the importance of adhering to "Track" Etiquette at Athletics venues, and why facility managers should adopt and enforce these rules.

Definition: According to the Cambridge Dictionary, etiquette is described as "A set of rules that helps people understand how they should behave in particular business or professional situations".

Origin: The term "etiquette" was first coined in pre-revolutionary France. Anne D’Aparjon, the first lady of the French court, was responsible for teaching manners and etiquette to the princesses. Later, she was appointed as Dame D’Honneur to Marie Antoinette and her ladies in waiting.

My Experience: I was introduced to etiquette at a young age when I started sports at 14 in high school. Every Friday, during our "Activities Afternoon", we had a variety of sports to choose from. I selected Golf and was taught Golf etiquette, which I later found to be essential when playing at local courses.

Similarly, in Athletics at my local stadium, Meadowbank, most of the Track etiquette was based on common sense and prominently posted for easy reference. However, I've observed a lack of adherence to etiquette, especially during coaching sessions. Coaches and athletes often disregard the need for quiet during block sessions, and people walk across the field within range of throwers, posing safety risks.

The Need for Stricter Adherence: Etiquette is not only about courtesy but also about safety and professionalism. It should be part of coaching certification, and coaches should ensure its implementation. Facility managers should insist on the posting of etiquette rules and require coaches to sign off on them before coaching.

In conclusion, adherence to Track Etiquette is crucial for a safe and respectful environment at Athletics venues. Let's promote a culture of respect and professionalism in our sport.

What are your thoughts on Track Etiquette? Let's discuss! #AthleticsEtiquette #TrackSafety #Professionalism
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