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Precision Digital Stopwatch

Precision Digital Stopwatch

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Introducing our Precision Digital Stopwatch—a cutting-edge timekeeping device designed for accuracy, versatility, and reliability. Whether you're an athlete, coach, or anyone requiring precise time measurements, this stopwatch is equipped with advanced features to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  1. 0.001 Accuracy: Our digital stopwatch boasts an impressive accuracy of 0.001 seconds, providing the precision required for professional-level timing in various applications. Whether you're measuring race times, intervals, or laps, this stopwatch ensures accuracy down to the millisecond.

  2. Multi-Function Display: The multi-function display presents a clear and easy-to-read interface, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through different timing modes and functions. The intuitive design ensures user-friendly operation for both beginners and experienced users.

  3. 100 Split Memory: With the ability to record and store up to 100 splits, our stopwatch allows you to track and analyze performance with unmatched detail. This feature is ideal for athletes and coaches seeking comprehensive data for training sessions, races, or sporting events.

  4. Countdown Timer: The stopwatch includes a countdown timer function, enabling you to set specific time intervals for various activities or events. This versatile feature adds flexibility to your timekeeping capabilities.

  5. Lap and Split Timing: Enjoy the convenience of lap and split timing options. The stopwatch allows you to capture individual lap times while still maintaining a running split time, providing a comprehensive overview of performance during races or workouts.

  6. Backlit Display for Low-Light Conditions: The backlit display ensures visibility in low-light conditions, making this stopwatch suitable for use in various environments, including indoor and outdoor settings.

  7. Durable and Ergonomic Design: Crafted with durability in mind, our stopwatch features a robust construction that can withstand the demands of regular use. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during extended use.

  8. Water-Resistant Construction: The stopwatch is designed to be water-resistant, providing added protection against splashes and ensuring reliable performance in different weather conditions.

  9. Easy to Carry: The compact and lightweight design makes this stopwatch easy to carry, allowing you to take it wherever your timing needs may be, whether on the track, in the gym, or at sporting events.

Experience unparalleled accuracy and functionality with our Precision Digital Stopwatch. Elevate your timekeeping capabilities with a reliable and feature-rich device that caters to the needs of athletes, coaches, and professionals alike.


1. Full metal shell, it has a beautiful appearance, comfortable grip, large screen large font display, luminous display for easy reading.
2. Accurate timing, accurate to 0.001 seconds, 100 channels.
3. Rain, sweat and splash proof. Just wipe it dry after use. It is easy to use and meets daily waterproofing requirements (Note: can not be used in water).
4. Shutdown design, you can turn off the screen when it is not in use and it will keep the memory. You can turn off the button sound.
5. Full-featured, stopwatch, clock calendar, countdown, football stopwatch, alarm clock function, metronome, can be used for sports competitions, competitions, coaches, referees, training, etc.


Accuracy; thousandths of a second
Size: 73*64*15mm Screen: 31*24mm
Number of tracks: 100/200 tracks of memory
Battery: CR2032 button battery(not include)
Features: Can be turned off, can be mute, with luminous, 0.001 seconds accurate

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